She was portrayed by Danielle Morrow. Nora says "Yay for days," like she said in "iStill Psycho". Chicken (to eat), Anyone getting in her way, "Well, that can't happen because you're safely trapped in my dad's recording studio! Nicktoons Heroes Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

Maurice, obviously, played the role of the chicken. After she got to Kayla, Rachel and Alex in #RevengePsycho she got sentenced to life in prison in Canada. At the end of the episode while the iCarly gang are back at Ceattle, it is revealed that the iCarly trio called the police, sending Nora to juvenile detention. She is very lonely and semmingly mentally unstable. He was used in the iCarly sketch The Cowboy and the Idiot Farm Girl who Thought the Cowboy's Chicken was a Sports Car. She then fought Sam, however, Sam defeats her and Nora is arrested again.

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Kayla LeeRachel GenoveseAlex RussellSam Puckett. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, it is implied that while the iCarly gang where at her birthday party, her insanity might have increased, as Nora laughed oddly when the kids got there, as well as put strange music, making Carly dance with a clown, replieng that no one has asked her to "check something out".

She is a unpopular 16 year old girl who locked Carly Shay, Kayla Lee, Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson in her dads recording booth for a day but she intended it to be forever.

Nora Dershlit is an antagonist who appeared in the iCarly episode, called iPsycho and also in movie called iStillPsycho and the Sam and Cat series in the Super Psycho episode. She was the mother of Nora Dershlit, who served as the main villainess of the similarly titled iCarly special, "iPsycho". To make the iCarly trio her permanent friends.

Nora Dershlit is a character on Kayla & Rachel she appeared on the episodes #SuperPsycho and #RevengePsycho and she is also a continued character from iCarly. Really, Nora is hardly ever out of company of Maurice. Nora was released from prison and soon after Carly managed to convince Sam and Freddie that she had changed, however, all that was a lie, as she usd it to kidnap them and arrested them and with the help of the help of the her parents Mr. and Mrs. Dershlit, and at the end of the episode Freddy's mother and T-Bo with a motorcycle rescued the iCarly gang, and Nora and her parents were sent to jail for kidnapping.

Nora is about to have a parole hearing, and Carly, Sam, Freddie and Gibby are invited to give their opinions.

Nora Dershlit is an obsessed fan from iCarly. Following the episode, in a movie called the iStill Psycho. She locks them in her basement, and the only person who can save them is Gibby. Gibby discovers her intentions, and with his brother Guppy finds his friends, However Nora is not willing to surrender, and attacks Gibby, making them both fall to the basement. Carly originally wanted to vote for her being kept in prison while everyone else is ready to forgive her, but seeing Nora and her parents cry in the courtroom, she agrees to let her go, too.Nora's mother says they are going to have a special Norwegian supper to welcome her home, but her father says he'd rather go cam… With Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, Jerry Trainor. She invites the iCarly gang to her house for her birthday party, as she worships them. The group feels sorry for her, all except for Sam.

Nora is still a psycho.

Nora will return in a season 5 episode; This was confirmed in a video posted by Dan Schneider that showed Danielle Morrow on set. kissing a popular girl at her party, and wearing a Richard Nixon mask while holding a fake axe. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Nora Dershlit is an obsessed fan from iCarly. In the episode of her return, Nora appears in jail doing exercises and swearing to take revenge on iCarly watching the class photos, Nora with the help of her pet chicken destroys one of the guards who was with her, Nora attacks guard and flees the prison. Directed by Steve Hoefer. In the episode in season 5 she appears to get the iCarly trio to come back to her house for a "Welcome Home" party as seen. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls,

Even though she was an antagonist, she only did her actions due to her loneliness. Nora meets Gibby at the movies he tells her that Sam lives in Los Angeles, Nora later kidnaps Dice, and soon after Cat. Gibby's fake … She manages to endure many of Gibby's punches and even send him flying despite his kick boxing skills. She does order them food to eat, and allows them to send a secret video message (which she thought was a birthday video) to Gibby. Even though she was an antagonist, she only did her actions due to her loneliness.

Nora is a very lonely girl who only has her pet chicken named Maurice, who one day after the iCarly class sees one of her videos, they fell sorry for her and decide to throw a party for her, however after the party is over Nora shrewdly steals all the cell phones in the class without them noticing and arresting them, however Gibby one of the friends of the class soon realizes something clever and ends up fighting her, Nora almost defeat Gibby, but he managed to free everyone from the iCarly group, Sam then leaves Nora unconscious and she is arrested and held in juvenile detention. ", Brief controversy erupted shortly after the episode aired; in a short scene Nora appears to kiss the popular girl, (played by. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Her chicken , Maurice then sits on her. She is a very strange girl, who owns and loves her chicken, Maurice. She was left alone on her birthday because her parents went on a trip. She was portrayed by Danielle Morrow. She is the primary antagonist of the episode "iPsycho" due to her locking the gang up in her basement and fighting Gibby. Mrs. Dershlit (Margaret Easley) is the secondary villainess of "iStill Psycho", a Season 4 special for iCarly (airdate December 31, 2011).

She is the primary antagonist of the episode "iPsycho" due to her locking the gang up in her basement and fighting Gibby. When the gang are about to leave, she tells them to follow her to her basement, and traps them in. Nora is very similar to Annie Wilkes of ''Misery'', since they are both obsessive people, and they hijack their targets of their obsession, and also both are insane.

Nora Dershlit and her chicken Maurice return in this episode.

Maurice the Chicken is a chicken who is Nora Dershlit's pet/best friend.

Gibby manages to hold her down, while Guppy frees the gang, allowing Sam to put her to sleep. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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